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Fun & Adventure

As being the hub of nature and wildlife Sauraha has many fun activities you can do while you enjoy the visit to make fun and adventurous memories along the way to be cherished.


Jungle Walk

Jungle walk is one the adventurous and entertaining activity of Chitwan National Park. One can walk through dense forest around the natural habitat of the wild animals during the jungle walk. The tourist and the guides are not allowed to carry any weapon during the walks but the guides offer tips for safety at the start of the walk. The danger of sudden encounter with wild animals is always present during the jungle walk.

Canoe Ride

ourist can also embark on canoe ride along the Rapti River inside the Chitwan National Park and take a close view of crocodiles and other wild animals. Tourist are excited to look at the crocodiles taking sunbath on the river banks and take their photographs. The crocodiles basking motionlessly under the sun with their snouts wide.


Tharu Culture Dance

The Tharu Culture Program organized at Sauraha and Meghauli plays a significant role to entertain the tourist visiting Chitwan National Park and to introduce the Tharu Culture and tradition to the tourists. Majority of the tourist arriving at Chitwan have experience the Tharu culture program.

Tower Night Stay

Spending a couple of nights in the jungle and exploring their behavior is another adventure for those having guts. You can get to spend nights in the center of Chitwan’s jungle and experience sunrise and sunset inside the forest. There is a tower where we camp for accommodating ourselves for the night with a basic toilet because animals can be quite aggressive with the presence of humans roaming in the jungle at night.


Elephant Bath

Elephant bathing is also an exciting entertainment activity available to tourists in Sauraha. The tourist can play with the elephants and dive in the river from the back of the elephant while it is bathing. The sight of elephants bathing playing with humans is equally entertaining. It is even enjoyable to only view the elephant baths.

Bird Watching

Chitwan National Park is a magnet for avid bird watchers who can observe numerous species of resident and migrant birds here. Bird watching is also one of the major attractions of Sauraha. Many tourists arrive at Chitwan and go around Sauraha and Chitwan National Park with the sole intent of watching birds. The Chitwan National Park area is one of the best places in the world to observe and study various rare bird species.


Sunset View

It’s a must to view the sunset while you are on a trip to Chitwan National Park. Setting sun overviewing Rapti river will engulf you with emotions you have never felt before, you can try to capture it with your camera but your eyes will be the best tool to enjoy it. Redish yellow filter and symphony of several birds and the wind will not let you go, you will be part of the National Park.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is an exciting ride on an open-top jeep into the dense forest of the jungle. It is possible to closely observe the wild animals as well as take their snaps during jeep safari. Jeep Safari offers relative safety from wild animals. As Jeep Safari is operated regularly inside the jungle of Sauraha the wildlife is used to the right of jeeps carrying tourists, and generally do not run away when the jeep gets near. The safari operators also stop the vehicle of any wild animal that is encountered or seen from a distance. Thus the jeep safari is an excellent way to observe the wild animals and travel through the jungles in Sauraha.


Other Activities

  • Elephant Ride
  • Village Tour
  • Ox Cart Ride
  • Elephant Breeding Center
  • 20 Thousand Lake Tour
  • Crocodile Breeding Center