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Vision Safari Resort is a “green” resort that’s located in Chitwan, Nepal. Our resort has become famous for the many services and luxury accommodations we offer.

Vision Safari Resort was founded in 2011. Since then it’s been managed by people with several years of experience in the hotel and tourism industry. This has resulted in a resort with almost a decade of experience providing premiere service to national and international guests. Our accommodations and adventure programs can help to make your stay in Nepal a memorable one.

We go the extra mile to ensure you have the best experience possible at our hotel. Our rooms include several amenities including air conditioning, pay TV, and porch. There are also other amenities guests can access including guided tours and airport transfers. You can select your package to have the best vacation in Nepal possible.

The resort is located just beside the Chitwan National Park. It were the first national park in Nepal and became a World Heritage Site back in 1984. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in the country. In fact, it luckily experienced minimal damage to the regions visited by tourists in the 2015 earthquake. Our accommodations are close to the national park’s 932 sq km (360 sq mi) of different landscapes including forests and grassland.  It’s also home to large wildlife population including many bird species. If you visit our resort, you’ll learn why Chitwan has become a top world tourist destination.

Our resort’s proximity to the Chitwan National Park means you can conveniently visit the park from our resort. Our various packages make it quite easy to travel from our resort to the national park, which is another perk we offer.


The resort includes a wide variety of packages with different activities and durations. This provides visitors with multiple options whenever they visit the region. They’ll help to make your visit to the region even more memorable. Each accommodation includes several features to make your stay relaxing. Whether you’re enjoying breakfast in the morning or resting from your day of touring.

To complement the lavish accommodations we provide, we also serve fantastic food and beverage.  This gives you the chance to enjoy some delicious meals and refreshing drinks during your day. Not only that, but our restaurant venue gives you the chance to enjoy an ambiance of the restaurant itself, as well as the resort.

And whenever you want to explore the outdoors, just consult our travel support desk and our staff will organize experiential safari tours for you. There’s a wide selection of activities you can enjoy during your day. They include canoe ride, jungle walk, elephant safari, jeep drive, and others.

You can also enjoy various cultural experiences you can enjoy. They include a village tour and Tharu cultural program. These activities will allow you to learn about the local culture. There’s certainly something for everyone.  

Vision Safari Resort is an excellent venue if you want to visit and explore Chitwan National Park. It provides its guests with quality accommodations, amazing food and drinks, and access to several activities for exploring the local park. 

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